[Wk 2 ] P1: Final Concept

I've always loved paper planes - they're simple, tactile and accessible to all. Made by humans and also powered by humans. A paper plane silently taking flight can also be a perfect symbol of hope. So I'd like to take all these components and explore a theme based on something relatable, a human story -... Continue Reading →


[Wk 2 ] P1: Mockups

With the initial brainstorming on various themes and sub-themes, plus the review of paper plane types - it was time to make a decision. To lock in a final concept.  As I was finding it difficult to choose the one final idea, the best option for me was to start creating mock ups on the two... Continue Reading →

[Wk 2] P1: Plane Prototypes

To help with the decision on what theme might work best on a paper plane, I then spent time researching and playing with different plane designs.  I looked at how much available space each plane had across their wing span for artwork. As well as inside the main fold - as this was key component... Continue Reading →

[Wk 1] P1: Theme Development

This week we have started brainstorming and exploring our potential paper plane concepts - starting with themes that will inspire the design. I'm keen to utilise the inside fold of each aeroplane as part of the design & consider how they look together as a set.  Along with these components, I have narrowed down my... Continue Reading →

Kicking off a new unit this month: Digital Design Looking forward to sharing some of the learning process here.  More to come!

Week 3: Concept development (Typography 2)

This week we were asked to consider and plan out various aspects of our storybook including: concept style, character  & plot development, colour palette, layout sketches and to then start work on designing the first spread. Rather than fill up this blog post with pages of info, I've condensed the key information and included in the... Continue Reading →

Week 2: Story preparation (Typography 2)

1.  First step this week, summarise our chosen stories into 300 words. Quite a challenge, I didn't want to miss any major twists or turns of this gripping tale. To help with planning the actual storybook, we also separated our summaries into eight sentences/sections. After lots of tweaks, I actually managed to make it 300 words exactly - here... Continue Reading →

Week 1 : Storybook (Typography 2)

For our first project we have been asked to design and create our own storybook, based on a famous novel.  I have chosen Ernest Hemingway's - For Whom the Bell Tolls. (Image: Original cover, For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, 1940) With my upcoming move to Barcelona, I thought it would be fitting to revisit this... Continue Reading →

Squeaky Rusty Robot

Feeling a bit like a little rusty robot.  Time to dust off this blog and get studying again. This teaching period I continue on to: Experience Design and Usability for the Web Typography 2  

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